Potential New Developments in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently proposed standards that would allow pharmaceutical companies to test treatments for Alzheimer’s before patients show any outward signs of the disease. This new proposal could help develop drugs and treatments that have a profound effect on the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Biological Benchmarks

The FDA’s proposal offered to fast-track a drug for those that have not shown any outward symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease as long as the drug therapy can demonstrate an effect on biological markers of the disease. Just like blood pressure medicines are designed to reduce the risk of a heart attack by lowering blood pressure, these potential Alzheimer’s medications will lower the risk of Alzheimer’s by taking away a risk factor. The FDA is currently looking for a cognitive sign of efficacy.

The Difficulty of Finding an Effective Alzheimer’s Drug

This new drug will need to step up where numerous other high-profile Alzheimer’s drugs have fallen short. There have been over 200 failed Alzheimer’s medications, and there are currently no approved drugs to slow the progression of the disease. Since Alzheimer’s research still has a long way to go towards identifying markers for the disease, FDA approval might provide false hope if those drugs work to reduce markers that are later found to not be connected to Alzheimer’s.

Treating Neurological Diseases

The new FDA proposal on Alzheimer’s is connected to four other proposals that encourage pharmaceutical companies to research a variety of neurological diseases, including ALS. Since the symptoms and progression of neurological diseases can vary wildly from patient to patient, drugs that work to control them will need to undergo long periods of trial and error.

Upcoming Alzheimer’s Events:

Mark your calendars for the following upcoming events in March and April that are beneficial and educational for families caring for a loved one diagnosed Alzheimer’s, or visit the link provided below. See Upcoming Alzheimer’s Events for Maryland:

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Deborah Bakalich, Certified Senior Advisor®
Deborah Bakalich, Certified Senior Advisor®
Owner, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA®) & Assisted Living Placement Specialist - Senior Care Lifestyles, LLC provides compassion, guidance and recommendations to families faced with transitioning a loved one into Assisted Living, Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care, Skilled Nursing, Temporary Respite Care or a Continuous Care Retirement Community. Senior Care Lifestyles was founded in 2014 by Deborah Bakalich, a Certified Senior Advisor and graduate from both Towson University and Stevenson. Senior Care Lifestyles is uniquely positioned as a local (not National) Maryland based placement firm familiar with Maryland senior care facilities and in-state financial assistance programs for senior residents. They meet personally with each family to understand the seniors care needs including medical, personal lifestyle preferences, budget, religion and desired geographic location. They pride themselves in locally guiding and educating families through the entire maze of senior living options available and will schedule tours on behalf of the family and accompany the family on visits of communities. They are passionate and committed to finding the perfect match to call home and stays with the family throughout the entire process, every step of the way, until a decision is made, and the senior is safely moved into their new home. Senior Care Lifestyles can also provide the family with trustworthy, vetted, and reputable experts to assist with the transition for organizing, packing, moving, sale of real estate, estate planning, legal services, and determining eligibility for State, Federal and Veterans Benefits to assist with care costs. Deborah is a proud member of the Maryland Senior Resource Network (MSRN) where she has served as Vice President on the Board of Directors. She is a member of the Alzheimer’s Organization, Society of Certified Senior Advisors, Mid-Atlantic Network Group and a member of the Business Opportunity Network (BON).

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